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Are all your services compliant with Amazon TOS?

This is a great question, Yes our services are compliant with Amazon TOS, after we are sellers too so going against TOS is not in our best interest.

Having said that TOS is sometime a moving target so we spend a lot of time researching what’s happening and update our services accordingly.

Which Amazon Marketplaces do you Cover?

Currently we only work in the United States Marketplace, although we do place to add Europe very soon.

Can you guarantee the ranking on page one for my product?

Generally speaking the more traffic a certain keyword gets, the more difficult it will be to rank for that keyword. While no firm guarantees can be given in any launch, we will help you pick a good selection of keywords to aim for that include some easier long tail keywords that still get decent traffic. You will see your product ranking for most if not all of your targeted keywords.

Can you help when an account is suspended?

It depends on the reason for suspension, we have experience in talking with Seller Performance and can refer you to a specialist if the worst happens.

My advice for any type of suspension account or ASIN is wait before contacting Amazon, get some proper advice as they only listen to a particular type of language. The temptation to quickly message them should be avoided at all costs.

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